Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cute Lunch

There's a scoop of tuna salad. On top of that is a round piece of American Cheese with black sesame seed eyes and strawberry lips. There are also some extra cheese triangles. I made ribbons out of whole wheat tortillas. I also have strawberries, peanuts and chocolate mushrooms. In addition I have celery and carrots, blood orange slices and a heart shaped piece of starfruit.


  1. Great blog name and bento box lunches and photos look delicious. I found you today when I was looking up bento box birthday parties! Keep up the good work and eating healthy at college my son is a senior at UT-Austin and eating fast food, beer & wings - only wish he was eating half as healthy as you by chance are you an art or nutrition major? blog of my own but my daughter's is

  2. Thanks for reading! I wasn't sure that anyone was. I'm actually not an art or nutrition major. I'm all politics and theatre. I've found that bento making is much cheaper than fast food, plus it's healthier and tastes better. I'll definitely check your daughter's blog out. Thanks again for taking the time to check out my blog. Hope you'll keep reading.