Sunday, February 1, 2009

First February Bento

So here it is, my first Bento for the month of February. There are some baby carrots and celery sticks in the orange divider. I cut a tortilla wrap into strips and folded it to make that ribbon pattern, and on the side of that is some humus. The fruit for this one I'm particularly excited about. It's blood orange slices and starfruit. Finally I have a strange take on worms in the dirt. In the side on top of my silverware is a mini fruit roll up. It's perfectly Bento sized.

For more info on an improvised worms in the dirt and an up close of my funky fruit slices click below.


So I had this great bag of half finished gummy worms and one empty section left in my bento box. Here's the only problem. I had no pudding and no cookies. That would ordinarily kill the worms in the dirt idea. However I did have half of a mint three musketeers lying around and some ghirardelli squares. So I cut up the three musketeers, the only thing is for anyone who has tried the mint kind, the inside is white. So I cut up a couple of ghirardelli squares into chunks and sprinkled it on top of my gummies and three musketeers. So here is a worms in the dirt alternative for anyone who isn't fond of pudding or can't afford to put anything too moist in their bento box.

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