Monday, February 16, 2009

Fruity Lunch

I know it's been a while considering the holiday, however, I present to you a homemade lunch with food I actually cooked and some nice fresh fruit. In the orange divider I have a stir fry. I'll list the details behind the cut. I have a sliced up blood orange with a sectioned strawberry in the green. In the blue are strawberries and two truffles, the first of many that will be making an appearance due to all the post-Valentine's Day sales. Finally I have some nice plain soba noodles with black sesame seeds as garnish. For more information on the stir fry feel free to take a look behind the cut.

General Stir Fry

Snow Peas
Baby Carrots
Baby Corn
Bok Choy
Water Chestnuts
Stir Fry Sauce
White Pepper

Boil water, once boiling put carrots in water. Boil until soft. Place all vegetables in wok and pour in enough stir fry sauce to lightly line the bottom of the wok and coat the vegetables. Turn on medium heat and mix continuously until vegetables are cooked. Add salt and white pepper to taste.

Meat, Shrimp, Poultry, Tofu or Shiitake Mushrooms may be added if desired.

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