Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cute Lunch

There's a scoop of tuna salad. On top of that is a round piece of American Cheese with black sesame seed eyes and strawberry lips. There are also some extra cheese triangles. I made ribbons out of whole wheat tortillas. I also have strawberries, peanuts and chocolate mushrooms. In addition I have celery and carrots, blood orange slices and a heart shaped piece of starfruit.

Friday, February 20, 2009


I decided to play with some Tupperware this morning rather than going for the same old sectioned lunch box I've been using. I have tuna salad garnished with paprika, butterfly crackers, with two chocolate turtles slid into the empty space, a cut up apple, a cut up kiwi, three kumquats, and some peanut butter in a muffin tin.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Eh-eh Lunch

I admit, I feel a little eh-eh about this lunch. It's fairly uninspired. However, I figured I'd share it with you anyway for anyone out there like me who is hungry for bento photos good and bad. I have an apple with peanut butter in the muffin tin, two chocolate turtles and a fruit by the foot, a cheese sandwich, and baby spinach with some lemon juice. It's a pretty American lunch.

At this point I'll share with you the fact that I'm lactose intolerant, I'll stick some tips for others out there who have issues with dairy behind the cut.

I find that my difficulty with dairy can make packing lunch a challenge sometimes. I'll want to bring one thing but my condition will mandate that I find another way or spend a ton of time sick. Here are some alternatives for other lactose intolerant people.

1. Find other yellows and oranges to bring color and life to your bento: lemons, bananas, oranges, carrots, squash, and others.
2. Find a creative way to pack a lactaid pill. Some are sold in packaging that allows them to be broken into single serving pills easily. They can be stuck between dividers or put in condiment cases.
3. Dry cheeses are generally safer than moist cheeses that haven't been aged.
4. Substitute margarine for butter, this is also a healthier alternative.
5. Some soy products can be stored out of refrigeration until opened and can be a nice safe addition to a meal.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Tomorrow I've got mashed sweet potato, leftover stir fry, star fruit, cut up strawberries, and chocolate.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Fruity Lunch

I know it's been a while considering the holiday, however, I present to you a homemade lunch with food I actually cooked and some nice fresh fruit. In the orange divider I have a stir fry. I'll list the details behind the cut. I have a sliced up blood orange with a sectioned strawberry in the green. In the blue are strawberries and two truffles, the first of many that will be making an appearance due to all the post-Valentine's Day sales. Finally I have some nice plain soba noodles with black sesame seeds as garnish. For more information on the stir fry feel free to take a look behind the cut.

General Stir Fry

Snow Peas
Baby Carrots
Baby Corn
Bok Choy
Water Chestnuts
Stir Fry Sauce
White Pepper

Boil water, once boiling put carrots in water. Boil until soft. Place all vegetables in wok and pour in enough stir fry sauce to lightly line the bottom of the wok and coat the vegetables. Turn on medium heat and mix continuously until vegetables are cooked. Add salt and white pepper to taste.

Meat, Shrimp, Poultry, Tofu or Shiitake Mushrooms may be added if desired.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Simple Wednesday Lunch

This one's pretty basic and straight forward. Yet, since it's healthy and took no time at all I decided to post it anyway. So as for the contents, that's a peanut butter and honey sandwich. I cut off the crusts to make it fit. There's organic apple sauce with kiwi beside it. I have a some cucumber slices and baby carrots in the pink divider, some organic Caesar dressing in the little blue condiment cup, and alongside that I have raspberry fig newtons and a cola flavored candy.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Confetti Lunch

Here is a lunch that looks like it was scattered with confetti. I've got some nice apple slices, with kiwi, and organic frozen blackberries. Then I've got some white rice with furikake. Another leftover cupcake my friend made me. Finally, something quick I whipped up: canned beans, with turkey, oregano, minced onion, garlic salt, a little pepper, and cheese.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Post Birthday Bento

So February 8th is my 21st birthday. That cupcake is an awesome leftover from the party. In addition to that I have some kiwi and apples, cucumber with Caesar dressing, and white rice with shish kabobs. The shish kabobs have Swedish meatballs, tomato, onions, and a Jack Daniels honey brown sugar glaze.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Speedy Lunch

I attempted tea eggs, and failed miserably, hence the salad that's in my box. I will however, try to make tea eggs again and when they are a success I will be sure to post pictures.

But regardless of that I do have a lunch for show. There is a chicken breast sandwich with mustard and lettuce, a salad of baby spinach, tomato, and cucumber, organic apple sauce with some cinnamon on top, gummies, and in the condiment cup some ketchup for the sandwich.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

First February Bento

So here it is, my first Bento for the month of February. There are some baby carrots and celery sticks in the orange divider. I cut a tortilla wrap into strips and folded it to make that ribbon pattern, and on the side of that is some humus. The fruit for this one I'm particularly excited about. It's blood orange slices and starfruit. Finally I have a strange take on worms in the dirt. In the side on top of my silverware is a mini fruit roll up. It's perfectly Bento sized.

For more info on an improvised worms in the dirt and an up close of my funky fruit slices click below.


So I had this great bag of half finished gummy worms and one empty section left in my bento box. Here's the only problem. I had no pudding and no cookies. That would ordinarily kill the worms in the dirt idea. However I did have half of a mint three musketeers lying around and some ghirardelli squares. So I cut up the three musketeers, the only thing is for anyone who has tried the mint kind, the inside is white. So I cut up a couple of ghirardelli squares into chunks and sprinkled it on top of my gummies and three musketeers. So here is a worms in the dirt alternative for anyone who isn't fond of pudding or can't afford to put anything too moist in their bento box.