Sunday, March 1, 2009


I apologize for my long absence. Stress and midterms have been keeping me from making lunches worthy of posting. However, in spite of the insanity that has taken over my schedule here is a bento I'm rather proud of. I've got pepperoni, baby carrots, and bonbel cheese. The nice thing about bonbel cheese is that if you draw a design on the wax and then cut over those lines with a knife you can create some great patterns. I stuck with the butterfly theme. I put in butterfly crackers, raw broccoli and cherry tomatoes some ranch dressing in a packet tucked between the dividers. Then I've got a sliced kiwi, sectioned dates, and some trail mix I whipped up. For the trail mix recipe just take a peak behind the cut.


Milk Pocky
Salted Peanuts
Chocolate Mushrooms

Cut the milk pocky into small bite sized pieces. Mix all ingredients. This picture is without the craisins. I would have loved to throw them in if I'd had them in the house.

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