Thursday, January 28, 2010


This bento is full of cool stuff. On the bottom there are bologna rolls, raw baby spinach, crackers, and bonbel cheese. On the top are two lychee bubbub candies, trail mix, pineapple, and freshly baked apple cinnamon bread. Yup, I'm not kidding. Instead of coming home and crashing, I baked apple cinnamon bread. (It was from a box, but still...)

If you have any interest in more info on my swirl theme, under this cut you can get More...

I have used bonbel cheese in the past to make a pattern and spruce up an otherwise dull bento. This time I tried something different. Instead of cutting an image in the cheese I created a 3D spiral. You can do this with a mechanical pencil and sharp knife. With the pencil click it until there is no lead tip. carve a pattern loosely into the wax. Go over the engraving with a knife.

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