Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Return of the Bento-Builder!

School is back and so am I! I even have some new gear to boast. It's not what I was expecting but I have two new bento solutions that I am pretty happy about. Today I'll show you one of them. But, more about that under the cut. In the meantime, here's my next bento:

On the top I have a sliced chicken breast on a bed of baby spinach with snap peas as garnish. Next to that are roasted pumpkin seeds and plain goldfish crackers. On the bottom there is a wrapped cheese stick, a sliced apple, a piece of banana, and a slice of lime. There's also an applesauce cup and a granola bar coming along with me.

I got this at a store called Tokai. It's located in Boston. They have a pretty minimal selection of bento supplies but what they do have is great.

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