Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Odds and Ends

With Spring Break coming up I am, once again, getting low on supplies. The nice thing about Bento is that odds and ends can be used without any problem. In the blue divider I have humus with paprika on top, and tortilla next to it. In the orange divider there's sectioned dates, celery, and carrots. In the pink divider is sliced kiwi. Finally in the green divider there are a couple of different things, pepperoni in the cupcake tin, peanuts to the left of the tin and dunkaroos to the right. For anyone who hasn't heard of dunkaroos they are little cookies with frosting (the frosting's that strange blue nub sticking up). In the corner, with the silverware I was even able to fit a lychee flavored bub bub candy.

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