Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sushi and Sweets

Contained within tomorrow's lunch is some homemade sushi with crabstick and cucumber in the green and orange dividers, packed in with sugar snap peas and baby carrots. The pink divider contains blueberries, and in the little blue condiment holder is some ranch dressing for the peas and carrots. Finally the light blue divider has some unusual sweets. To get some more info just click on the cut below.


Here are some great unusal treats for anyone with a sweet tooth. First the pink box are Kancho from the Lotte company. These sweets are little biscuits with chocolate cream inside. Each one has a design stamped on the front of the cookie. The individually wrapped candies below are all hard candies in various flavors. The green is melon flavored, the pink lichi flavored, the blue is cider flavored, and the red is cola flavored (my personal favorite).

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