Sunday, January 25, 2009


There are certain times when I can have a pretty good idea in advance that it's going to be an aggravating day. I usually try on such occasions to give myself something to look forward to. Last semester it was breakfast at Dunkin Donuts. This semester it seems it's going to be special lunches. So with that said, here is my special lunch. I somehow wound up with a star theme along the way here.

In the big orange divider I've got a spinach salad. It's got tomatoes, raw mushrooms, cucumber, and (obviously) spinach. The white thing slipped between the large dividers is a packet of dressing. In the green divider I have a nice thick layer of rice with furikake and sesame seeds. On top of that's some sliced chicken; the green stars are nori. In the pink divider is a fruit salad with star shaped kiwi, star shaped apple, blueberries, and mini green stars out of the apple skin. The blue divider contains a lemon poppy seed muffin. Finally in between the green and pink divider that brown package is a little piece of chocolate.

There are some additional pictures behind the cut, as well as some information on the tools used to create those fun stars.


The little mini stars that are cut in the nori and apple skin are made using a punch. They are technically made to cut paper, but they do a great job on anything thin. They come in many different shapes and can be purchased at arts and crafts stores.

The apple and kiwi stars are made using a cookie cutter. The trick is getting a cookie cutter that's small enough to cut something smaller like fruit. You'll also want something small enough to fit in your bento box. The cookie cutters I use are plastic but I would suggest metal. They tend to cut things more cleanly.

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